Thursday, August 6, 2009

Regarding Road Trips...

I have been shuffling through hundreds and hundreds of photos from the road trip my brother and I recently took (whilst also trying to make 2 new websites and interning at a studio....whew)
And as much as I'd like to say I'm done with them...I'm not...
Here are some photos from Wisconsin (one of my favorite places!!) to keep you entertained for the moment...
[at uncle Dean's in Deerfield]
[driving to the cabin in Danbury]
[beautiful countryside]
[at the cabin]
[dad driving around Danbury]
[gorgeous Danbury, Wi]
[driving to find a hiking trail]
[we found it!]
[uncle Dean's cabin in Danbury...I love this place]
[bonfires at the cabin]
[lunch at Wild Waters in Danbury]
[mmmm chicken nuggets]
[dad and his soup]
[Willd Waters Restaurant in Danbury]
[shooting the air riffle]
[camp fire]
[more shooting]
[and onto Minnesota...]
Check out more here!

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