Friday, December 30, 2011


ADORABLE! I can't get over how much fun this shoot was!! We attempted to find a location near Rancho Santa Fe, and ended up here, at the Manchester Preserve. I basically fell in love with this location, there is so much variety to work with.
These are a few of my favorite shots from the day - be sure to also check them out on my Facebook page

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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I just had the amazing opportunity to shoot KIIS.FM's Jingle Ball 2011 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.
I got to work with Clear Channel last year and shot the Wango Tango for Pechanga Resort and Casino, so I was excited when I heard I'd be working for Sony using their new tablet for the event. It was definitely an interesting experience. Being an avid Mac user, I was very biased towards the iPad. But after using the new Sony tablet, I can say I was almost impressed. haha
I wouldn't recommend it for event coverage, but it was great to be able to use a new product.

Of course I also got some great pictures on my own camera. Here's a few of my favorites from the event -

::Karmin performing on the Shot Box

I got to meet Karmin before the show started - Amy and Nick were SO nice, and extremely talented. Plus they looked like they were having a blast performing.

::Jennifer Love Hewitt talking on the Shot Box

::Flo-Rida made his way through the audience - everyone was going crazy over him. It was so great to see.

::Sean Paul on the main stage

::Willow Smith talking about her new music on the Shot Box

::David Guetta - I definitely gained a new appreciation for him because of Jingle Ball. He had an amazing performance! :)

I had such a great time!! Looking forward to my next event with Clear Channel :)

All images ©Andrea Garvin, 2011

The Joys of Photoshop

Thanks to Adobe Creative Suite and the oh-so-helpful tool of Photoshop, my images look pretty amazing. But let me spill a little secret - they don't always start out that way...
Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not advocating reliance on Photoshop. There is, of course, a great skill to getting your photos to look great during your shoot so that what you see in your RAW flies is beautiful.
All I'm saying is that Photoshop is a wonderful tool to enhance your photos. Sometimes it's as simple as changing the color temperature so that blacks are true black and whites are true white.
And other times is a little more dramatic, removing background or foreground elements to give the photo a specific feeling.
So here are some Before/After shots of a couple pictures, to show what I mean...

In this photo, the main focus was color correction, warming up the whole scene and taking all the blue hues out of that black dress. With a little bit of cloning in the background to smooth everything out.

Here the main focus was still the color correction, as well as the model's hair and skin.
It's amazing how much brighter the After picture looks.

In this image, there were a few distracting elements (the light stand on the left behind the couch, the sunken in pillow, some dirt on the couch, and some funky shadows on the left side of the wall). Once those elements were removed, and the images was toned, it made the image so much nicer. Not much was altered as far as the subjects go.

Lastly, this image required a major overhaul. the background was wrinkled and it was not long enough to go all the way to the edge of the frame where I would have liked it to be. Plus the back lighting required to light to be in a visible spot, which meant the light had to be removed. Lastly I added a vignette around the edge of the image to enhance the lighting technique.

Photoshop may look challenging or hard to use, but once you get used to all the tricks, you'll learn to love it like I do!
I recommend watching tutorials on different editing tools like Spot Healing, Cloning, Dodging & Burning, and Curves.
I also HIGHLY recommend that you find a tonal style that you like and stick to it to give all your photos a unified look (I usually go for bright, warm and a slight increase in contrast).
Good Luck with all your photographic and Photoshop endeavors!

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NEW Backdrops!

Man, it sure is fun to be a photographer and work with all these cool things - lights, backdrops, and don't forget the people!

I recently added 4 new backdrops to my collection - Wood, Brick, Turquoise Polka Dots, and Black/Grey Damask. And I love them all!
I immediately pulled them out of the package and had to try them here are a few test shots I did the other night.
This set-up only has one light, but I like how it turned out; I'll have to try them out with more complicated lighting set-ups in the near future.
I'm already lining up the sessions! Very exciting!!





And a special thanks to my lovely model miss Nina Bowers :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recent Portrait Work

Some of my newest portraits, featuring Karalynn Dunton and Alex Owens-Sarno:

All images ©Andrea Garvin, 2011