Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm currently taking a class called Digital Color Management.  Basically we are learning how to properly color correct our images so that they look the best they can possibly look.  This is not an easy task, given that each person perceives color differently, and each output destination produces different results - the internet being among the worst places to display your photos. So I apologize in advance for any poor quality images, and will try to replace them with better ones asap, but keep in mind that computer monitors are usually not calibrated correctly and skew images drastically, speaking in terms of color.
Regardless, here are some images from the most recent project - 
One Color on White:

and One Color on Black:

These were both meant to be properly exposed to show detail and texture in both the blacks and whites.
I needed to have all neutral colors and one color - so for the color/black image I actually spray painted the toothbrushes black so that everything would be neutral.
Overall, I had a ton of fun with this assignment and I'm looking forward to the next one -which should be done in about a week. :)

All images © Andrea Garvin, 2008

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